Zandra Official Book Launch of KidCEO – Success in Business!

Join Me & Celebrate My Official Book Launch of KidCEO – Success in Business!

I am so excited to announce that I am a co-author of a fantastic new book called ‘kidCEO: Amazing Kids Share Their Success in Business’. In this book, I share my story of how I turned my home-based hobby into an international brand that’s not only an award-winning skincare line but an inspiring movement for girls’ education. I also share my lessons learned and some all-important keys to success for other kids who want to start their own business!

Come ready to celebrate the official book launch party with me

… at the WeWork Thanksgiving Tower in Dallas, Texas on Friday, October 27. I’ll be there ready to sign your copy and answer any questions you may have about starting or growing your own business, how to get help from family and mentors, and how to stay motivated! And of course, we will have great party refreshments, a great atmosphere and fun people for you to meet – and the event is free! Click on the link to RSVP 


Why did I co-author kidCEO?

You may be thinking, ’how does a book fit in with a skin care business?’ Well, this book helps share the Zandra story with much more people than I’m able to reach through my presentations alone. As you know, I travel a lot. I mean A LOT. When I do, I’m so happy to be able to share stories about my business journey and lessons learned with various audiences. Storytelling has become an important part of my philanthropy work and I’m proud to be able to inspire so many people. Now, through a book, I am expanding the Zandra entrepreneurial spirit – changing the game and showing that success has multiple layers – after all, we’re more than soap and lotions!


Frank Speaking, Fun and Revealing

kidCEO is a page turner that will give you real entrepreneurial secrets to overcoming big and small business challenges. I hope it will help you to unleash your passion, find your purpose, build success, and making a difference! And I hope you enjoy reading it.

Just as important, I hope that it encourages you to share your own success story one day!

Zandra wins $15,000 Grand Prize in 2017 THE PITCH business plan competition


September was filled with great news and lots of activity!  In one amazing event, Zandra was awarded the $15,000 grand prize at THE PITCH – the award program for local and minority businesses hosted at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

WE Won!

Zandra won the grand prize in the ‘Growth Companies’ category. This category celebrated our commitment to the local community and our delivery of high-quality natural bath and body products for teens. I’m grateful to the judges for believing in the Zandra story. We were singled out from thousands of entries and topped the list in our category. It’s an amazing achievement.  And we’re so proud to be recognized for our business growth and passion for philanthropy.

THE PITCH was launched in 2015 by Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown, the New York Business Development Corporation, and 43North. Together they have helped give focus to small but growing local businesses. They have also received many event sponsors and thousands of entrants from the general public. The judges worked fantastically hard to nominate the final four applicants in the competition and we couldn’t be more pleased to receive their recognition for our story, our teamwork, and business success. 

The Zandra pitch really does show that we are more than soap and lotion!

We want to encourage teens, especially young girls, to be confident in their own skin. And they can learn what beauty is from the inside out by using natural products that promote healthy skin care regimens and daily motivation.

My hope is to also inspire youth to take action and make things happen for themselves and their communities. Local awards give small businesses like Zandra huge opportunities to build our network, gather local support, share ideas and inspire one another.

At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to empower teens, kid CEOs and local decision-makers who are some of our greatest supporters.

There’s more to come from the Zandra team…

Join us and learn how you can turn your own passion into a thriving business with a cause. We kick off the fifth annual Day of The Girl Buffalo Summit at 9 AM on October 7, 2017, in the iconic Buffalo Museum of Science. It’s free and promises to be lots of fun. We’ll have a number of activities including business sessions so we can talk pitches and ideas there!

RSVP for free tickets to The Day of The Buffalo Girl Summit at

Read more about THE PITCH event HERE.


Energizing Girls to Take Action with Girl Up!

When the United Nations Foundation created a platform to empower teenage girls to campaign for the needs of all girls worldwide, they gave life to the Girls Up Leadership Summit. Now in its sixth year, Zandra is excited to help lead the movement as a United Nations Foundation Teen Advisor. In fact, Zandra will be among 300 passionate girl advocates gathering in Washington D.C. from July 16-19, 2017.

Teen advisory remains a game changer!

As a speaker and facilitator of her own 101: Entrepreneurship and Girls workshop series called #GirlBoss, Zandra will have the chance to bring her own brand of change-making skills to the Girls Up United Nations Foundation Leadership Summit. This is also a unique platform where teen advocated will participate in leadership training, learn from influential speakers, engage in skills-based workshops, and lead an official lobby day on Capitol Hill.  It’s an opportunity to create lasting change and that’s exactly what we’re all about.

Zandra will also moderate an exciting and insightful session called ‘Social Impact through many Career Paths’; introducing participants to three amazing women entrepreneurs and inspiring girl advocates:

Kara Ross

Award winning jewelry designer and renowned philanthropist, Kara’s mission is to create opportunities that break the poverty cycle through education and job creation. As the Founder of Diamonds Unleashed – a social good platform, and partner to Girls Up, we are excited to hear about Kara’s work and philosophy on helping help girls and young women achieve greatness!


Abbey Hudson

High-profile litigator, leading advocate, lobbyist and representative for her firm’s LGBT women’s initiative, Abbey is a dynamic leader that we can’t wait to speak to.  Through her firm and her active pro bono practice, she has successfully brought claims that help international clients in the area of environmental, emerging regulation and government investigations. Abbey’s perspectives on the power of advocacy, in its various formal and informal roles, is sure to be one of our hot topics.


Nona Jones
Chief External Affairs Officer (outgoing)
PACE Center for Girls, Inc.

An accomplished executive with cross-sector experience in private industry, social enterprise, and government, she is also a Billboard charting artist/songwriter who has published three books and travels the country extensively as a motivational speaker and social commentator. Her work at PACE focuses on girls who are vulnerable to juvenile delinquency and sexual exploitation. We are so honored to be able to speak to Nona about her career diversity, the importance of Girl Up and its role in helping to build tomorrow’s leaders!


Why girls?

As you know, the Zandra team are on a mission to support the education of girls across the globe. So, a partnership with the Girls Up United Nations Foundation Leadership Summit is exactly the right fit for us. Kathy Calvin, CEO and President, UN Foundation said it best “What it boils down to is simple: If we want to drive progress in the world, we need to put girls in the driver’s seat.”

This means inspiring girls through education and finding ways to improve their health, safety, social and financial well-being.

Together we empower, educate and embolden the potential of every girl there…

Success is best achieved when working together. There is no international organization who knows this better than the UN. And the United Nations Foundation has the energy and expertise to drive international cooperation. From a grass-roots level, mentorship by Girl Up experts, Teen Advisors, celebrity champions, and corporate executives will gather participants into one thriving community to discuss some of our challenges and hopes. It will also help us to focus on the policies that will shape positive change for girls everywhere.

Let’s Girl Up! What’s in store for participants?

Summit participants will gain core leadership skills, training in community-building and advocacy, and experience interacting with members of Congress on Capitol Hill. The Summit strives to empower, educate and embolden the potential of every girl there. Did you know that as many as 250 million adolescent girls worldwide need our help? So, you can imagine that there will be lots to talk about, many issues raised and much more to learn.

It doesn’t stop there. Our work at the UN Foundation will go beyond the initial three days. Our collective efforts will help to accomplish catalysts for change in each participant’s community. Because as each girl leaves the conference, she’ll take her insights and share it with others, inspiring and motivating her friends, family and even more girls to partner and complete projects centered around educating other girls and young women! This platform will help open a whole new world of possibilities where girls will become ethical, socially aware and involved!

I am so proud to have another powerful and energizing platform to be able to work for girls and to be able to inspire my peers!


You can find out more about the Girls Up United Nations Foundation Leadership Summit and sign-up to member’s news HERE

Zandra Team Receives SBA Award & Black Enterprise Nomination

This has been an exciting six months for the Zandra team. We have grown our production, opened a new line of Lab workshops, and introduced fantastic new products. At the same time, we have built amazing relationships and created new ways to share our passion for inspiring teenpreneurs and empowering girls on the move. And with your support, we have become a brand that is recognized as ethical, socially aware and involved in our local community. It’s why we are so proud to announce these outstanding business accolades from two fantastic organizations:


Small Business Administration (SBA)
Buffalo District Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is presented to a company in recognition of their ingenuity, hard work, and dedication. Attributes which celebrate the company’s successful contribution to Buffalo’s economy and competitive reach. Zandra was one of 12 entrepreneurs selected from Buffalo’s 14 counties. We were delighted and humbled to receive this award. It signals that we are building a thriving business that will continue to offer the best in natural bath and body products for the educated and empowered girl on the move!


Black Enterprise
Teenpreneur Nomination

We were also nominated for the Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year, together with several other young and inspiring CEOs. The Teenpreneur of the Year is a small business award specifically focused on businesses within the African American community. It recognizes the next generation of entrepreneurial innovators and value creators demonstrating growth and business leadership. It’s an important award for our community and for young businesses. We believe that the Zandra philosophy to educate and empower girls on the move, our continued hard-work and our growth potential are exactly what makes our business important to our community and we’re proud to be nominated!


As someone who started her own business at a very young age, I am so proud of my personal journey and the love, commitment, and work of the entire Zandra team. It’s important to thank YOU too! Your support has really helped this girl on the move!!!


Go Girl! With Zandra’s New Mini’s and Summer Essential Travel Kit

What do we love about summer? Mini vacations, mini ice-pops and easy to carry mini toiletries that help us stay fresh, clean and glowing throughout those hot summer months. So, the Zandra team got together to bring you our travel-sized range of black soap and vegan cleaners and special Go Girl Travel Kit. This is a real treat for every girl on the move!

Going somewhere nice? We hope you are! A day at the beach, summer camp, back to school or weekend stay with the girls? Whatever the plan, we know how important it is to keep your packing light and filled with your favorite skin care products so you look hot (we mean terrific!) at all times.

Clean and Clear to Go!

This summer we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re washing your hair, face or body our bamboo black soap cleansers three-in-one solution will have you naturally clean from head to toe. Now available in TSA approved 2oz sizes you can select any combination of our five fantastic ‘Bamboo-mini’ scents at only $3.00 each.


Fly High with Travel Sizes That Will Delight:  




Mild and refreshing liquid soap suitable for babies, moms, and dad, but made specifically for you. Our vegan castile soap cleanses the skin without dehydration and contains no harsh foaming agents, so you can wash your hands, face body and even your hair, with no worries at all.

Pack Light – Pack Right!

Take your Zandra of black soap cleaners on the go with our Go Girl Travel Kit $22.00. Specially made to fit your favorite Body Wash (2 oz), Exfoliating Sugar Scrub (2 oz), Hand & Body Lotion (2 oz), and a full-size Big Balm (.50 oz). And if you’ve crammed a bunch of items into your backpack or checked-in luggage don’t worry about losing sight of this gorgeous little reusable bag (size:6″ x 4″) – it fits neatly into your bigger bags. It’s see-through, durable and waterproof, which you’ll be sure to notice quickly when rummaging around.



Not traveling this summer?

No fear! Perhaps you’re looking for a gorgeous birthday gift for a friend? A gym bag gift to thank mom or dad? Or simply looking to sample all five cleansers before you choose your favorite full-size? You get the idea. Combine these mini bamboo black soap cleansers and travel bag anytime this summer and kick off the season with a treat everyone will love!


Remember that all of our products are:

  • Cruelty Free and Biodegradable
  • Never contain harmful Parabans, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Synthetics, Gluten, or Phthalates
  • And we never test on animals