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Zandra has a strong mission and passion for educating girls. Azariah's Innocence, LLC & The Zandra TLC Foundation will donate up to 10% of every purchase made to support the education of girls across the globe. This is done via monetary donation, product donation and pro bono entrepreneurial and STEAM formulation workshops facilitated to youth in underserved areas.

Locally, The Zandra TLC Foundation sponsors a huge community event in the City of Buffalo in honor of the United Nations declaration of 'Day of the Girl'on October 11.

The Day of the Girl is a worldwide response to an urgent problem facing girls around the globe in the neglect and devaluation of girls. In the month of October each year, we work to highlight, celebrate and promote the betterment and fulfillment of young girls across the globe. When young girls come together, they can discuss what really matters to girls. They can teach themselves, adults, boys, and other girl’s new ways of thinking about gender issues, which will empower young women to take action and to change the status quo.

Our goal is to keep hosting this event at no cost to the girls that attend and their families. Each year, the event will include but will not be limited to:

-Making Healthy Food Choices, Wellness Advice, STEAM Workshops, Dance Performances, Creative Arts

-Special Speakers to discuss topics such as bullying, cyber safety, teen physical and mental health

-Business Basics- Build your own empire!

-Teen business presentations

-DIY Workshops, Vendor Marketplace, Science and Community Information Booths

Learn more about how you can get involved HERE.



In addition...

We have partnered with a Buffalo, NY based non-profit called Girls Education Collaborative (GEC).  GEC beleives the transformative power of education enables young women in developing nations to become catalysts for change in their communities. They accomplish that by forging local and global partnerships to complete projects centered around an integrated approach to educating girls and young women, opening a whole new world of possibilities for their futures.

If you believe in their mission as much as we do, simply click HERE to donate.

Our Beauty Ambassador Program was created to offer good to the world; to love, inspire + motivate girls of all ages to reach their potential and empower each other along the way. Giving back is a essentail part of the plan.

Learn more about the Zandra Ambassador Program here.

We invite you to join Zandra and start spreading natural beauty with rewards that are fun and empowering. I invite you to join our mailing list so you can be one of the first to know about all the goodness we have in store.

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